Terms and Conditions

User liability

As a Traveljobsrecruitment.ro user, you are liable for your own actions, as well as for their consequences, subsequent to publishing the materials uploaded or publicly displayed on the account provided by the Company, and you shall not:

  • publish copyrighted materials if you are not their author or do not have the permission of the author to publish them;
  • publish obscene, denigrating, threatening, or malicious materials related to another user – natural person or legal entity;
  • publish a sexually-explicit picture or statement;
  • publish materials containing viruses, worms, or other programmes designed to destroy any system or information;
  • upload, post, disseminate, or submit in any other way any content for which you do not hold the legal right to do so, under any legal system – Romanian or foreign –, contractual relations, or relations based on trust (confidential information, ownership-right information, learned or disclosed as part of work relations or subject to confidentiality agreements);
  • upload, post, disseminate, or submit in any other way any type of advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other types of requests, except for the service parts that are constructed to this end;
  • hold multiple addresses within the website, similar or created around the same theme;
  • support or supply information on illegal activities, on promoting physical or verbal abuse to any groups or persons, or on promoting any kind of cruelty towards animals. This may include, without limitation, supplying information on the way to manufacture, purchase, or assemble bombs, grenades, or other types of guns and creating crush sites;
  • post, disseminate, or submit in any other manner personal data (name, address, phone numbers) or their registration in the cells that can be viewed by other users (descriptions, nickname, etc.)

Travel Jobs Recruitment does not guarantee the credibility and the accuracy of the information published by the users and does not support any opinion expressed by the users.

Travel Jobs Recruitment acts as a passive factor in online distribution and in publishing the information supplied by the users and does not have the obligation to verify in advance the material published by the users. If such action is requested by a user, the company may investigate and verify the statement and may decide if the information is to be removed or not.

Travel Jobs Recruitment may assume actions or measures regarding the user or against the information registered by the user. When a user adds a material to the website, Travel Jobs Recruitment will be guaranteed the continuous and irrevocable right (including moral rights) and the license to use it, adapt it, publish it, translate it, distribute it, or communicate it in public (in full or in part), internationally, or to include it in works of any type, into the media, or in technology known or about to be developed in the future. Also, the user allows any person subscribed to access, view, store, or reproduce such materials, for personal purposes. Subject to the data specified before, the holder of such a material published on the website continues to hold any related rights.

We appreciate the messages of our clients and we look forward to your comments regarding our services. Please consider the fact that our policy does not allow us to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, inventions, or materials other than those expressly requested by us.

Information for users

When registering on the website, you will be requested certain information, including a valid e-mail. In addition to the terms and conditions regulated by the policy of our website, you acknowledge and accept the fact that Travel Jobs Recruitment may disclose certain information included in your registration request to third parties.

Travel Jobs Recruitment will not disclose your name, address, e-mail, or phone number to a third party, without your approval, except for the cases provided by the law, when submitting this information is necessary.

Travel Jobs Recruitment reserves the right to provide your services and products to a third party, based on the data specified in your registration, at any time after its completion; such offers may be provided by Travel Jobs Recruitment or by a third party involved.

Registration duties

In order to use the services provided by the Jobselection.ro website, please:

  • supply real, accurate, and complete data, as required by the  ‘Curriculum Vitae’ section of the website;
  • keep and renew – when required – the registration data, in order to maintain its accuracy, exactitude, and wholeness. If you supply information that is inaccurate, inexact, or incomplete, Travel Jobs Recruitment is entitled to suspend or to disable your CV and to refuse all the current or future essays to use Traveljobsrecruitment.ro website.